Flags (monochromes for a better world)

Mixed Media and super-8 film transfered to video, 2009-2011 Dimensions variable and/or site specific

This flag series is playing on the slippage of whether something gets tinted, tainted or stained.
If we think of the monochrome as the final mark of modernist art, a space where one projects one’s thoughts. It is not dissimilar to flags and the way they encompass an entire ideology as a banner.
Here the flags are monochromes, dyed using traditional techniques, except that the dye themselves are pharmaceutical products, antiseptics, disinfectants and other purifiers that really do heal the world and make it a more sane and healthy place.
The black flag is made using activated carbon (used against poisoning and flatulence)
The red flag is made using eosine, a disinfectant used to dry wounds and rashes.
The installations – consisting in: the flags, documents on pinboards and films – exacerbate the idea that while the fabric is simply tinted, the associations they invoke are forever stained.