Brightness Cuts/ Whiteout

Exhibition at Kunsthalle Waedenswil, 2016

Brightness Cuts

Installation with overhead projections, wooden furniture and framed, found stitchwork still-life. Dimensions variable, 2016.

A group of overhead projectors are, as one, projecting a single horizontal line of light across a entire wall of the space. This line is set at 157cm high (a standard height in museum hanging) cutting the wall laser-like, right at its hanging mid-line.
The projectors are resting on generic, schematic timber versions of recurring pieces of furniture from art history. On the wall is a stichtwork still-life. Its lower-half colours are faded and the glue holding the canvas to its board dissolved and untacked. It is also framed, though the frame is roughly cut in half, framing only the upper half, matching the midline of the actual canvas, as well as the hanging line of the wall highlighted by the projectors.


Video projected text, dimensions variable, 7 mn, 2016.

Whiteout is a text work intended for video projection. The text is projected as subtitles to a screen, appropriating the white wall (untouched from previous usage) as a visual, cinematic space.
The text itself is a transcript from a famous viral youtube clip; a video of a man overcome with emotions and metaphysical questions while witnessing a double rainbow in Yosemite national park.
The word “rainbow” has been here omitted from the text, recontextualising its content to the exhibition space; the subtitles acting now as stage directions to the viewer looking at the very wall the text is projected on.

Whiteout was presented alongside Brightness Cuts (nb: in the exhibition of the same name at Kunsthalle Waedenswil), echoing the use of projection with regards to the exhibition space of the other work.