Transcendental Stuff

Installation with sound, levitating cardboard box, table and trestles, video projection and text by Chris Fite Wassilak.

See documentation here:

The Box

Carboard box 30 x 30 x 30 cm; aluminium trestles, wooden
table 140x 140 x 120 cm; video and sound both. 2018.

Transcendental Stuff

Commissioned text by Chris Fite Wassilak as video projection with a very obvious visual citation. 9'35"


Stereo sound 9’35” with (in order of appearance):
Carboard box 30 x 30 x 30cm; thali dish pressed steel bowl 12 cm diameter; spring from Anglepoise 1227 desktop lamp; six-pack 500 ml valser sparkling mineral water; BIC lighter mini; 1,20 meters nickel-plated 1,3 mm wire gauge chain; soda stream with CO2 cartridge; box of 500 g Ferrero medium grain couscous (half-full); 10:18 stainless stell saucepan 18 cm diameter; varnished steel lunchbox (empty); pair of Nike Cortez Ultra sole to sole; wood and brass 2 m folding meter stick; plastic serrated edge from 30 cm cling film dispensing box; pentel 0,7 mm gel ball point pen; two 35 x 35cm cushions with linen covers; 500 ml bottle of mineral water (half empty); 1640 pages of Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry & Poetics, fourth edition, Princeton University Press; 18” x 12” composite vinyl cutting mat; 10,8V cordless Makita drill/driver; soft donkey squeaky toy; heavy cotton checkered tea towel; Ravensburger 100 pieces puzzle “World and Fauna”; sellotape from tape dispenser; 7oz ISO wine glass partly filled with water; vinyl covering from Biella ring-binders; sauté pan stainless stell lid 26 cm diameter; steel ruler 30 cm; box 200 pieces 4 x 25 mm PZD2 brass-plated wood screws; Kenwood HB724 food blender; plastic balloon (blue); squeak from fingers on wet plate (28 cm diameter); La Signora moka express 6/8 cups; pressed steel shoehorn; “De la guerre” Carl Von Clausewitz, éditions de Minuit.